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What Happened?

Is your Power Window “off the track”, stuck or not working, broken, moving slowly or just drop in the door? The most likely cause is a broken power window regulator or motor.  Modern power window regulators are designed with plastic that decomposes at a specific rate.  Therefore, they break a lot faster than in previous years.  These plastic parts are placed at points in the power window regulator where tension is greatest.

When most people have a power window repair problem they think of the dealer first or their local auto shop.  It’s also assumed that these repairs are expensive.  That is no longer the case.

With Portland Power Window Repair / The Power Window Doctors™, you have found an affordable, dependable and professional solution.

You have also found a solution that lasts.  Most new power window regulators are made with the same plastic or worse. We have seen them break within weeks after install.  Our power window regulators are designed and reinforced to be stronger than OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). We use all metal parts, bearing pulley wheels and specific repair techniques that you won’t have to worry about this again.

How you benefit:

Power Window Repair Specialization: (Read More)

The Power Window Doctors™ specialize in power window repair.  From Acura to Audi, Buick to BMW,  Chevy to Cadillac, Ford to Ferrari and more.  We have the expertise for your vehicle. We also do 10-20 power window repairs per DAY.  Most shops and dealerships do that in a month or even a year.  What takes one person 3 hours to repair a window, takes our techs a lot less (Most repairs are done within an Hour).

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Shops charge by the hour and markup the parts.  Dealerships have their own pricing structure.  We specialize in power window repair so your cost is low and so is ours.  We quote all our power window repairs specifically towards the problem and price it accordingly. Depending on your vehicle, you could expect to pay $300 to $800+ for each window repair. We typically save our customers 40 to 70% off shop and dealer repair pricing. Our repairs are also designed to last, saving you even more time and money.



We come to you.  That’s right. One call and we’ll do the rest. No need to take your vehicle to the repair shop or dealership and drop it off.  You no longer have to wait for hours while your power window is being fixed. We’ll come to your home or office in the Los Angeles Metro area. Don’t let a power window problem ruin your day. Continue on with your life and work.


Environmentally Friendlypower window repair portland recycles

We re-manufacture most of our power window regulators.  With our repair techniques, window regulators are quickly returned to service.  No need to continually purchase all new parts when the only thing that breaks is a simple plastic piece.  It takes skill and expertise to recycle a power window regulator.  Those that can’t be re-manufactured are properly disposed of to make the least environmental impact.

So, what are your options?

  1. Pay $300 to $800 or more at the Dealership or Auto Repair shop.  Spend your time waiting in the reception area or doing without your vehicle for a couple of days.  You may have to face this problem again in the near future because the new window regulator will fail again.
  2. Buy your own power window regulator and install it yourself.  This will also fail again and you’ll have the same hassle of putting it in. You also take the risk of breaking something while taking off the door panel and releasing the glass.
  3. Call Portland Power Window Repair / The Power Window Doctors™ and we’ll come to you.  You make a simple phone call, we quote you over the phone, schedule a repair time frame and you continue with your life.  Your power window repair problem is solved.

Power Window Repair – Portland Metro

A service area of The Power Window Doctors™.

Portland Metro Service area.  One of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the the United States.  Our city is projected to grow by more than 200,000 people in the next 5 years.  People from California, Arizona and the Midwest find the Portland area very hospitable.  Plenty of career jobs with Intel and many more employers.

The Power Window Doctors™ services all makes and models. Subaru is a very popular manufacturer because of their all wheel drive vehicles.  The Power Window issues in the Northwest are different than the Power Window issues in the South.  Up here we deal with ambient moisture that causes power window regulator cables to rust and break.  The power window motors will rust on the inside and build up carbon on the armatures.

The Power Window Doctors™ know power window repair and the issues from all over the nation.  We can diagnose about 90% of the problems over the phone and show up with the right parts.  Most repairs are done within an hour, but you’re never waiting in a waiting room.  We come to you and you can continue working or doing what you do at home.

Call The Power Window Doctors™ when you hear that distinctive “SNAP” or when it just stops working.  Your Time & Money are valuable and we’ll save you 40-70% off shop and dealer rates.

All our repairs are backed with a 1 year Parts & Installation Labor Warranty.

Peace of Mind & Affordable

Give The Power Window Doctors™ a call, we love making people happy again.

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Power Window Repair – Testimonials

February 6, 2015 – Portland OR. – 2005 Honda Accord Front Driver Power Window Repair Regulator – Melissa K.

“I love living in Portland, I really do. Except when it’s pouring down rain. And your window fails to roll up on the drive home late one night.

WHAT DO YOU DO?! You call these guys. Friendly, prompt, and speedy service!

Not only is Power Window Repair a mobile service (They came to me!), but they actually showed up when they said they would! I was given an hour window and they showed up smack dab in the middle, complete with a phone call before to let me know they were on their way and an ETA. I dunno about anyone else, but most companies I’ve ever worked with show up a few hours LATER than their allotted time. You can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was!

To top it off, they were incredibly friendly and finished repairing my power window within 20 minutes or so (this type of repair is this company’s specialty, so they’ve got this shiz down!). PLUS, the work they did was super affordable, especially in comparison to other repair shops.

So, yes – five stars all the way!!”

June 16, 2016 – Tualatin OR.  – 2003 Ford F150 Crew Cab Power Window Repair Regulator – Rachel W.

“Roger was an incredible delight to work with! My driver-side window on my 2004 Acura RSX has been slowly fading for over a year now. My fiancé drove my car to work across town and got the window stuck in a lot that was going to be uncovered for the day. I quickly google searched for mobile power window repair and came upon the Power Window Doctors. Roger picked up promptly and let me know upfront what the costs would be, regardless of how long it would take to fix it. His quote was at least 200 dollars less than the other shops I had researched. He was quick, fast and so helpful. I’d definitely recommend them again!”

September 18, 2017 – Damascus OR – 2004 Subaru Outback Front Power Window Repair – Motor – Clare S.

“Called and had same day repair! Was fixed in Under a hour! They come to you! Can’t say enough good things about these guys!”

January 26, 2017 – Portland OR – 2006 Infiniti G35 Front Power Window Repair – Motor – Kaleigh A.

“This place was absolutely wonderful to work with. Fast, efficient, and very friendly. Its always stressful when you have a repair like this needing to be done when you work a 9-5 job, since its difficult to take time off to get it fixed. Having them come to me and fix it in the parking lot of my office while I worked was fantastic. When I called and asked to have it done as soon as possible I was originally told Friday was the soonest he could do (I called on Wednesday). I was very pleased to get a call from Roger Thursday morning offering to come and do it a day earlier. I can’t emphasis enough how happy I am with the service I received. Thank you!”

July 25, 2017 – Cornelius OR – 2004 Jeep Liberty Front Driver Power Window Repair – Regulator – Dean N.

“We were about to leave on a road trip to Seattle when the drivers side window fell into the door. I sent a Yelp message to this business late Saturday night. I had a reply waiting for me when I woke up Sunday morning asking me to call. I did, we met about a half hour later, the window was fixed, and we were on our way. I didn’t have an opportunity to call around for quotes but the price seemed fair and the repair took less than a half hour. I highly recommend this service and would use it again.